How do female arousal products work?

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There are many female arousal gels, including KY's Intense

We’ve all seen the commercials: a couple sits on a bed, having  yet another mundane conversation. They talk in monotone voices with glazed looks, giving the impression they have the most boring sex imaginable. This changes when they mention the new and amazing product they’re using in the bedroom. The scene cuts to fireworks exploding, rocket ships lifting off, champagne bottles popping, and a myriad of other sexual innuendos…all thanks to this arousal gel/cream.

There are many reasons why women’s sexual desires decrease (whether single or in a relationship): physical and medical issues; hormonal changes; emotional stress; a crazy life; etc. We’re told female sexual arousal products can help women change their response regarding sex. But how?

Most arousal products enhance sensation and sexual desire. They “work” by utilizing two key ingredients: L-Arginine and Niacin. These ingredients relax blood vessels, allowing for more blood flow to the genitals.  The “warm and tingly” feeling is provided by a number of ingredients including Carrageenan and/or Menthol.

Because the effects of arousal gels are felt almost immediately, women tend to use them more often. There are also, however, natural supplements with the same outcome. (Thank your new friend L-Arginine, again.)

Both supplements and gels:

  • Increase sexual excitement during foreplay.
  • Increase sexual sensation during sex.
  • Increase your ability to have multiple orgasms.
  • Increase your ability to maintain reproductive organs which produce healthy hormones.

Although arousal gels appear to be safe, there are some safety tips:

  • Avoid using them with oral sex—most contain PEG-8 and Propylene Glycol. While these won’t kill you, they can cause nausea and vomiting if ingested.
  • Avoid products with parabens in them—parabens are nasty little chemicals which have been linked to a host of cancers.

If you’re feeling less aroused lately, or if you just want to spice things up, try out one of these products for yourself. While you probably won’t end up seeing stars like the couples on t.v., you’re bound to have fun exploring something new. Enjoy!

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  2. These do work I tried it on my he said I’m messing with his head make him go crazy. No b.s oh my was great experience. He had hard time of the feeling came over him he said he had get it off his mind

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